Morpak means more for you! In addition to packaging, we provide an extensive package of services. For example, we package your capital goods on location. By thinking along with you in a customer-oriented manner and tailoring our service to your needs, we relieve you in a cost-efficient manner in the final link of the production process.


Morpak works with a distinctive approach. Our projects, as well as our serial customers, receive from us a total solution service with customer-friendly processes.

  • Project Discussion/ Determining Packaging Specifications
  • Measuring on location
  • Design/Work Preparation
  • Execution phase in which the project is packaged
  • Execution phase in which the project is loaded
  • Project Management / Documenting and securing project data
  • Project evaluation
  • On this page some of our services are further explained.

Measuring on location

Packaging to the millimeter precision, designed and manufactured at Morpak. That’s why Morpak comes to independently measure your goods or machine at your location.

Packaging at your location

Depending on the project, packaging is possible at your location or at Morpak. If you choose for in-house or on-site packaging, our professional and certified packers will come to you with all the necessary packaging materials, including boxes, crates or other export packaging. Or if desired, to your shipping agent. Customers often choose to pack on location because of the convenience. Or because there is a very large or fragile load and it results in an additional cost saving for mutual transport.

Packaging at Morpak

Morpak itself also has modern production facilities. Our 4600 m² location has an extensive machine park, a 2,200 m² packaging location with a heavy crane capacity up to 80 tons for packaging and storage activities and ample storage possibilities.

Packaging – Shrink-wrapping

Morpak uses more and more shrink-wrap in its projects to package goods. Shrink wrap is a transparent plastic film for packaging material that shrinks tightly around the packaged material when heated Shrink film is used, for example, to pack boxes, cans or loaded pallets and is available in various thicknesses, strengths and shrinkage ratios.

Handling – Welding of Flat Racks

Often, the size of goods and products is too large for container transport to be possible. Morpak has therefore invested in the right equipment to weld flat rack trucks. Welding means that the parts are positioned so that they can be transferred or placed as efficient as possible at a transfer point/final destination. Especially with larger goods and machines, this leads to a large cost advantage since unnecessary (dis) assembly is no longer needed.

Project Management

With projects, it is important to be able to structurally coordinate the progress of your project. Morpak takes care of the total flow of documentation and securing project data. In this way, Morpak can monitor the project for you 24/7 and provide insight into the progress.

Need help?

We would like to think along with you about the right solution for your project. Please feel free to contact our specialists through the button below.


Morpak provides services and products for a wide range of sectors. Morpak stands for reliable and high-quality packaging and transporting your industrial products and machines.

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