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A wide range of transport solutions by road, sea and air which also take care of the administrative processing, completes Morpak’s range of services. This valuable total solution of packaging, service and transport is not only efficient but also offers a lot of comfort and convenience. All this combined with our personal attention to your interest, our customers find this a distinctive value.


We have an extensive partner network of global offices and distribution centers. Under the motto “no Bridge too far, no sea too high”, we provide both international road transport as well as sea and air transport. In addition to regular transport, we also provide exceptional transport, such as the transport of dangerous materials.

Door to Door

Our intermodal transport options allow us to deliver your goods from door to door if desired. Whatever you want to transport and destination: we find the best transport solution for your situation. Specialized in packaging for all types of transport modalities, we ensure that your cargo is optimally protected and safe on the road..

An eye for cost savings

Contemporary Supply Chains are designed to be as lean as possible with a view to the costs. We have tailored our services specifically to these work processes. Just in time deliveries prevent costs caused by delay and storage, by seamlessly connecting to your workflow you can quickly and efficiently delivered to your customer.


Personal Contact / Short lines

Personal service and short lines have always been part of the Morpak family business. This enables us to be able to switch quickly, be flexible and to provide the best suitable solution, for every issue. In short terms: attention to all aspects of our services.

Extensive Partner Network

At Morpak, we strive to exceed customer expectation. We also expect this from our partners. That Is Why we have made conscious choices: partners who pursue the same core values as Morpak. Together with our partners, we provide a complete solution, from start to finish!

Total solution

By delivering a total solution we can completely relieve you of the entire packaging process. We advise, we design, we produce, and we deliver.

In order to monitor the scope of a project, we ensure constant monitoring and where necessary also for the administrative handling of projects. So, you don’t have to worry about it, and you are assured of optimal convenience at maximum quality.

Need help?

We would like to think along with you about the right solution for your project. Please feel free to contact our specialists through the button below.


Morpak provides services and products for a wide range of sectors. Morpak stands for reliable and high-quality packaging and transporting your industrial products and machines.

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