Innovative packaging methods, which respond to the current demand and needs from the industry, guarantee the best protection of your valuable production and capital goods. Innovative solutions that take your budget into account. Based on our extensive experience and solid craftsmanship, we produce high-quality packaging for products and machines for the industry.

Boxes /

Morpak’s crates are durable export and transport boxes of spruce or plywood. They optimally protect your valuable products or capital goods.

Crates /

An export crate is a simpler version of a box. Cost-effective, robust and ideally suited for road, air and sea transport.

Ramps and Pallets /

Morpak also offers tailor-made wooden ramps and pallets. A ramp or pallet is sometimes a cost-saving alternative to boxes or crates. Depending on the weight and size of your products, we tailor-make the pallet or ramp for you.

Hollow blocks /

Do you need the right protection for your product with curves such as boilers, tubes and pipes? Then hollow blocks and transport saddles provide the right support for your products.

Cardboard packaging /

Export packaging and cardboard packaging? Yes, because cardboard and wood go well together! Packaging of cardboard in combination with wood also results a weight, and cost savings. Cardboard, like wood, is easy to process and is increasingly used as reinforcement of wooden export packaging.

Assortment of packaging materials /

Have packaging materials available quickly and at competitive prices? Morpak supplies a total range. Morpak offers total solutions. From customization and optimum protection, your products are carefully, completely and professionally packaged and transported.


Morpak Easybox is a reusable packaging, made of metal, wood and multiplex. The folding boxes have four folding walls with a bottom and a cover. They can be provided with beams on request, so that the crates can be moved with a forklift truck or pallet truck without any damage being caused. These crates are entirely closed, made of 4-6-9 mm thick birch wood and appropriate for various export purposes. In contrast to crates made of multiplex or spruce wood, the default folding boxes are lightweight. This will realize cost-savings during transport. There are various solutions for the bottom.


Morpak provides services and products for a wide range of sectors. Morpak stands for reliable and high-quality packaging and transporting your industrial products and machines.

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